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  1. Bowling Rewards New Program, looking for feedback

    November 24, 2006
    Cypress, CA
    For Immediate Release

    Why Bowling Rewards LLC?
    In spite of having over 60 million casual bowlers and 3
    million league members, the world of bowling has failed to develop
    the clout and respect of other sports and franchises. As reported in the Bowlers Journal – October 2006 issue, these
    impressive numbers have actually been dropping for years.
    Many companies would love to attract 60+ million people to their product or service, yet there is no systematic
    organization or message being directed to these participants in the form of savings and value to any particular brand.
    Close to 3 million league bowlers pay $15.00 – $20.00 per year for their membership card, yet their card as no value or
    savings tied to it. It is used as an ID card only with no other benefits from participating retailers or sponsors.
    Membership clubs such as AAA or The Entertainment Book, offer substantial ‘show and save’ savings for their
    cardholders, but year after year there is nothing developed for bowling members or participants. Why not develop a
    membership card and sanctioned average for the casual bowler in addition to the league bowler? If close to 3 million
    members are paying $15.00 per year for a card without any outside value, would they not pay a little more to add $100’s if
    not $1000’s of dollars in savings and benefits from companies who are dying to attract such a large audience? Both the
    local centers and the governing body would flourish tremendously from the millions of dollars in added revenue.
    At Bowling Rewards LLC (BR), we feel the time to change is now. Utilizing proprietary technology, we have developed an
    entire suite of rewards and savings programs specifically designed for the bowling industry. In addition, this bowling
    membership card has the ability to be accepted at hundreds of other locations. Instead of just a ‘show and save’ model
    similar to your AAA card, this new card has the ability to adopt other rewards and loyalty programs from participating
    sponsors and/or national retailers.
    In other words, a Bowling Rewards LLC membership card may not only be shown to save money, it can actually be
    swiped at other non-bowling retailers since it can adopt their rewards program which is completely separate and exclusive
    from the bowling rewards. We have never been able to take our Starbucks’s card and use it at McDonalds, but this
    technology makes it possible! This new development makes partnering with bowling very attractive. Why? Instead of
    just discounting merchandise for a membership group, it opens up the ability to develop the one time visit into a loyal
    customer via their own unique rewards incentives. It does not matter if the retailer has an existing program or not, we will
    develop one for them on the local bowling center’s behalf.
    Imagine the fun of having to throw a strike for a free pizza? How would it feel to earn vacation rewards or frequent flier
    miles by bowling more often? How about establishing an open play average to earn valuable prizes and rewards? Do
    you like the idea of earning a $50.00 gift card at your local supermarket for bowling well in open play? Why not let open
    play bowlers earn new bowling balls, shoes or bags? The possibilities are endless and the rewards are outstanding, all
    for bowling more often at your local center. Our technology makes implementing these concepts simple, quick and
    Over the next several months Bowling Rewards LLC is going to bring these exciting ideas from concept to development
    and begin marketing a suite of software programs and services targeted to bowling centers, leagues/tournament clubs,
    and the general open play bowling public.
    About Bowling Rewards LLC

    Bowling Rewards LLC is a software and marketing firm dedicated to the development and support of next generation gift,
    loyalty and rewards programs for the sport of bowling. The firm was founded in October of 2006 and currently operated
    by PBA member Steve Schroeder and Adam Miller, President of AmeriCardGold (, a stored
    value card software firm based in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

    Comment by Steve Schroeder | November 30, 2006

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    Comment by Steve Schroeder | November 30, 2006


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    Comment by John Sowell | December 12, 2006

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