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2handsmounts aka Brian Mounts – La Mesa, CA

My name is Brian Mounts.  I am a bowler out of La Mesa, Ca, a close suburb to San Diego, CA.  I bowl a few leagues in the San Diego area and many local tournaments.  I am also a member of the PBA and bowl in many Western Regional Events… to my own detriment most of the time too. 🙂

I’ve found over the years that there are many decent places to get bowling news but there are no really great sites on the web to really get all the info that I want.  I decided after much debate with myself to create and maintain this website for the benefit of all Southern California bowlers.  I will be focusing on competitive bowling of all kinds including high-end competitive bowling leagues, local and regional tournaments and professional tours.  I will allow myself the freedom to venture into other elements of bowling news as I see fit.

I am not affiliated with any bowling outfit of any kind.  What I mean by that is that I do not work for any bowling centers, manufacturers, pro shops, tournaments, or any other organization other than basic membership in the USBC and the PBA.  I welcome all bowlers and people from the above mentioned outfits to contact me at any time with information regarding information to be distributed.  Because I have no inside information or journalistic means I rely on others to supply all of the content I post on this site.  I will always attempt to give credit to the originator of the content that I blog about and will inform when topics I blog about are of my own journalistic means and mind or if they are of unknown origin.

I hope that helps you understand who I am and what I am about.  I also hope you’ll subscribe to this blogs feed and share the web address with all of your bowler friends.  And for the love, give me a heads up on bowling information that I haven’t posted about but should.  I’m not going to be able get to everything on my own.

Thanks for reading!

-Brian Mounts

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