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Joe Porcelli Wins The Pickwick Bowl PBA 6 Gamer

As submitted by Dave K yesterday evening:

Joe Porcelli won the PBA Pattern 6-Gamer hosted by Pickwick Bowl and Bryan Alpert on the 12th of August. The event bowled on the regular tour patterns Shark and Cheetah and paid out sidepots for each game. Final results of this event are listed below.

1st Joe Porcelli_______+186 $350.00
2nd Doug Edwards_______+98 $210.00
3rd Rick Hermann_______+96 $155.00
4th Craig Speiss_______+81 $125.00
5th Jim Harvey ________+59 $75.00
6th Jeff Gordon________+39 $50.00

1st block Jeff Gordon____+76 $50.00
2nd block Joe Porcelli___+116 $50.00

1st side pot Jeff Gordon_267 (cheetah) $50.00
2nd side pot Steve Jones_257 (shark) $50.00
3rd side pot Gary Duran _267 (cheetah) $50.00
4th side pot Doug Edwards_247 (shark) $50.00
5th side pot Craig Speiss_267 (cheetah) $50.00
6th side pot Rick Hermann-253 (cheetah) $50.00
7th Gary Duran +31
8th Alan Freeman +30
9th Mike Pulis +26
10th Doane Cole +24
11th Dave Stewart +23
12th Steve Jones +13
13th Spanky Rosales +11
(tie) Lee Liu
15th Zarcoff Boutell -21
16th PJ Yarns -25
17th Danny Cobbs -28
18th Chris Thompson -33
19th Don Gossett -50
20th Setu Molia -80
21st Adam Cohen -88
22nd Kevin Foy -94
23rd Del Guyer -126
24th Corey Neill -128
25th John Diso -133
26th Jeff Garrison -145
27th Nick Kukta -146
28th Dusty Johnson -148
(tie) Rose Kwok
30th Dave Hanson -199
31st David Newman -207
(tie) JT Jackson
33rd Billy Rasche’ -208
34th Mitch Caldwell -250
35th Julietta Ward -267
36th Bob Erfman -288


August 20, 2007 - Posted by | Bowling News, Event Recaps

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