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Brunswick Premier Scratch PBA Pattern 5-Gamer – August 26, 2007

The following tournament information was copied from Tracking The Bowling News:


Sunday, August 26th, 2007

845 Lazo Ct
Chula Vista, Ca.
(East off 805 onto H Street)
(Left on Paseo del Rey)
(619) 421-4801

Check in at 9:30 am
Bowl at 10:00 am

Entry Fee is $50
Sidepots are optional at $25

Tournament Pattern: CHAMELEON PATTERN

Contact Bob RUTKOWSKI at:


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Forest Lanes Scratch 6-Gamer – August 25, 2007

The following tournament information was copied from Tracking The Bowling News:

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

22771 Centre Dr.
Lake Forest, Ca.
(949) 770-0055

Check in at 11 am
Bowl at 12 Noon

$300 is guaranteed to 1st Place

Entry Fee is $50
Sidepots, Blocks and Brackets are Optional

Call MARIO MARQUEZ at (949) 770-0055

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Dave Arnold Wins The PBA Solari Farms Championship

This information is a little dated but better late than never.

Dave Arnold bowled and won the PBA West Regional Solari Farms Championship hosted by Pacific Avenue Bowl in Stockton, CA last weekend on the 12th of August. Bowling on the Scorpion Pattern Dave averaged 229.33 over 21 games. This win brought Dave nearly 10,000 points closer to first place in the Western Regional Points race and only 8,733 points behind Dave Wodka the points leader as he finished the event in 5th place.

Other notable finishers was the average leader for the tournament, Michael Haugen Jr. who averaged 233.29 over 17 games who only finished in 9th place as he was eliminated early in the finals by Dave Arnold himself. Kris Netherton also finished well averaging 229.1 to finish in 2nd place to Dave. However Kris shot only a 212 in the Championship match to come up short against Daves winning game of 238.

Complete results can be found on the PBA website or on this blogs tournament page.

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Joe Porcelli Wins The Pickwick Bowl PBA 6 Gamer

As submitted by Dave K yesterday evening:

Joe Porcelli won the PBA Pattern 6-Gamer hosted by Pickwick Bowl and Bryan Alpert on the 12th of August. The event bowled on the regular tour patterns Shark and Cheetah and paid out sidepots for each game. Final results of this event are listed below.

1st Joe Porcelli_______+186 $350.00
2nd Doug Edwards_______+98 $210.00
3rd Rick Hermann_______+96 $155.00
4th Craig Speiss_______+81 $125.00
5th Jim Harvey ________+59 $75.00
6th Jeff Gordon________+39 $50.00

1st block Jeff Gordon____+76 $50.00
2nd block Joe Porcelli___+116 $50.00

1st side pot Jeff Gordon_267 (cheetah) $50.00
2nd side pot Steve Jones_257 (shark) $50.00
3rd side pot Gary Duran _267 (cheetah) $50.00
4th side pot Doug Edwards_247 (shark) $50.00
5th side pot Craig Speiss_267 (cheetah) $50.00
6th side pot Rick Hermann-253 (cheetah) $50.00
7th Gary Duran +31
8th Alan Freeman +30
9th Mike Pulis +26
10th Doane Cole +24
11th Dave Stewart +23
12th Steve Jones +13
13th Spanky Rosales +11
(tie) Lee Liu
15th Zarcoff Boutell -21
16th PJ Yarns -25
17th Danny Cobbs -28
18th Chris Thompson -33
19th Don Gossett -50
20th Setu Molia -80
21st Adam Cohen -88
22nd Kevin Foy -94
23rd Del Guyer -126
24th Corey Neill -128
25th John Diso -133
26th Jeff Garrison -145
27th Nick Kukta -146
28th Dusty Johnson -148
(tie) Rose Kwok
30th Dave Hanson -199
31st David Newman -207
(tie) JT Jackson
33rd Billy Rasche’ -208
34th Mitch Caldwell -250
35th Julietta Ward -267
36th Bob Erfman -288

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Don Jackson Beats Tim Harkness To Win In Chulla Vista

Brunswick Premiere Lanes in Chulla Vista hosted another PBA Pattern 5-Gamer tournament this past weekend and though it was poorly attended those that showed up shoed up and bowled anyway.

Of the seven bowlers Don Jackson prevailed over Tim Harkness at -18 to -42 to take first place on the PBA Viper Pattern.  Jackson took home $225 despite the low tournout.  The next event at Chulla Vista will once again occur near the end of the month instead of the beginning on the 26th of August.  A better turnout should be expected.  Complete results of this tournament can be found on the tournament page from this blog.


Information for this post was obtained from Tracking The Bowling News.

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Dave Wodka beats Andrew Cain 210-207 to Win Regional

Yesterday Dave Wodka beat out Andrew Cain 210-207 in the championship match to win the PBA West/Northwest Regional Earl Anthony Memorial Classic at Earl Anthony Dublin Bowl.  Wodka averaged 215.38 over 21 games while Cain averaged 216.1 over 21 games but in the end Wodka was able to muster the pins when they counted. 

Other notable finishes include Tony Reyes whose 213.41 average only landed him in 9th after getting kicked out of the tournament in the round of 16 by Cain and Eric Forkel finishing in 7th who averaged 217.47 and but got kicked out in the round of 8 by Dennis Horan Jr.  Scott Norton, who led the qualifying round, slipped in the semifinal round and didn’t make it out of the round of 16.  he finished the tournament in 14th place with an average of 209.88.

Complete tournament standings can be found on the tournament page on this blog or on the PBA website.

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2007 USBC Open – Prize Checks To Be Mailed

As posted on the USBCOpen website:

“Open Championships prize checks ready to be mailed. All prize checks for the 2007 USBC Open Championships will be mailed this afternoon (Friday, Aug. 3).”

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